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What is Zopiclone

Zopiclone is a Non-Benzodiazepine Hypnotic, which acts as an agonist at a subtype of BZD receptor involved in the hypnotic action. The effect on sleep of Non-BZDs resembles those of BZDs but it does not alter REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and tends to prolong stages 3 and 4, i.e. it is used to treat insomnia and other anxiety diseases. It doesn’t disturb sleep architecture but some degree of next morning impairment can occur.

Zopiclone is used to wean off insomniacs taking regular BZD medication. Zopiclone belongs to the late developed NON-BZD hypnotics which are chemically different from BZDs, but act as an agonist at a certain BSD receptor. Their action is completely antagonized by BZD antagonist Flumazenil which is used to treat their overdose toxicity. They have lower abuse potential than hypnotic BZDs. Because of their short duration of action they are preferred over BZDs for the treatment of insomnia.

This drug is not indicated for a longer period of time i.e. its use is only indicated for 2 to 3 weeks at a specific dose of 7.5 mg for adults and 3.75 mg for elderly people. Maybe it is less hypnotic than BZDs but safety in overdose should be taken as taken in BZDs. Over dosage of Non-BZDs can also cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth etc. Or even sleep walking, sleep driving etc. So be cautious about using it and make sure the dose should not exceed its normal and it should not be used for a longer time too.

Avoid using Hypnotic Non-BZD during pregnancy or lactation period as it may affect the child’s CNS and can make him dizzy and habitual of it.

Zopiclone Uses:-

● Zopiclone, a Non-BZD used to treat insomnia and anxiety disorders by balancing the chemicals in the brain which provides good sleep.
● It is sometimes used as an anaesthetic substance or CNS depressant.

Zopiclone Dosage:-

● The dose of Zopiclone indicated can be upto 10 mg but maximum dose indicated for adults is 7.5 mg per day before bedtime and 3.75 mg for elderly people (about 65 years) for a time of 2-4 weeks maximum.
● As overdosing can be hazardous therefore the max dose recommended only in certain cases.

Adverse Effects:-

● Adverse effects of using or over dosage of Zopiclone are Dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dryness, taste alteration etc.
● Serious adverse effects that can be life threatening are psychological disturbances, sleep walking, sleep driving without its memory can be very hazardous.
● Pregnant and lactating women can deal with dizziness and their child can also deal with these side effects.

How to Buy Zopiclone Online without Prescription:-

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