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What is Temazepam

Temazepam is a Hypnotic BZD (benzodiazepine), a selective CNS depressant which produces sedation, relieves anxiety, facilitates sleep, suppresses seizures and reduces muscle tone. Temazepam is basically used for the treatment of patients dealing with insomnia. It works by slowing brain activities & balancing the chemicals in the brain and facilitates sleep.

Temazepam is an intermediate duration BZD having t½ 8-12 hours. Absorption of temazepam is slow when taken as tablets but fast when taken in soft gelatin capsules. It is good for sleep onset difficulty. It is free of residual effects because active metabolites of temazepam have short t½. Temazepam may become habitual therefore do not take its larger dose or over a long time period. Avoid drinking alcohol if you are taking BZD medication as they can react with alcohol and may cause severe health problems that can become life threatening.

Temazepam should be taken only after consultation of doctors or pharmacists, as it can show severe after effects on the body therefore it is necessary to consult your doctor before starting and stopping it. Do not take a larger dose for a long period of time and don’t suddenly stop taking it as it may cause difficulties. Tell your doctor and he’ll decrease your dose gradually. If you are around 65 years old you should take a small dose as in old age people a small dose of temazepam is enough to relax. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid using it.

Temazepam Uses:-

Temazepam is used to treat insomnia and other CNS problems.

Temazepam Dosage:-

The dose of Temazepam prescribed by the doctor is between 7.5 to 25 mg. An adult dealing with chronic insomnia can consume the dose upto 25 mg only when prescribed by doctor but not exceeding 1 to 2 weeks. An old person about 65 years of age can consume the dose of 7.5 mg and it is enough for them.

Adverse Effects:-

● Commons side effects are dizziness, vertigo, ataxia, disorientation, amnesia, prolongation of reaction time—impairment of psychomotor skills.
● Sleep walking, sleep driving and other abnormal sleep behaviours with no memory of these events has been recognised as a possible hazard.

How to Buy Temazepam Online without Prescription:-

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